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  1. Bio Marine Facial

    Bio Marine Facial   What is it? Bio Marine Facial focuses on hydrating and replenishing the skin.  Bio Marine Facial 注重保湿与补充皮肤所需。   How does it work? Bio Marine Facial treatment delivers an immediate boost with long lasting hydr...
    CategoryCLASSIC Detailsfocuses on hydrating and replenishing the skin
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  2. Diamond Peel Treatment

      Diamond Peel Treatment   What is it?  An equipment to improve uneven skin coloring, aging spots, superficual acne scars, sun-damaged skin, aging fine lines, dry rough skin and large pores. 这个仪器能改善色素不均匀,对抗老化,粗糙皮肤,老...
    CategoryCLASSIC Detailsusing an equipment to improve uneven skin tone, ageing spots, superficial acne scars, sun damaged skin, aging fine lines and dhydrated skin
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  3. Luxurious Caviar Facial

    Luxurious Caviar Facial    What is it? Luxurious Caviar Facial is highly anti-oxidant, nourishing, moisturizing, revitalizing and soothing Caviar 护理含有抗氧化成份,深沉滋润皮肤。   How does it work? Caviar helps to repair damaged skin tis...
    CategoryCLASSIC Detailsan anti oxidant, nourishing, moisturising, revitalising and soothy skin treatment
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  4. Vitamin c oxygen peel treatment

      Vitamin C Oxygen Peel Treatment    What is it? Advance exfoliant system for an immediate radient looking skin.  Vitamin C 护理能让肌肤光滑亮丽的成绩。   How does it work? Gently exfoliates dull skin cells, while oxygen is delivered to cre...
    CategoryCLASSIC Detailsadvanced exfoliation for immediate radiant looking skin
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