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The modern era for Asian Beauty

Timeless, Sophiscated and Elegance

As how we perceive elegance. our philsophy "elegance" in an instant impels our commitment to provide 1 stop beauty solution to look your best anytime, anywhere.


  • To be a market leader in the field of eyebrow design
  • To enhance personal elegance in every individual
  • To provide premium services with great passion


  • To maintain its position in the beauty industry in Singapore
  • To increase its core service by increasing retails branches island wides
  • As a beauty expert, Donna Spa will strive to maintain high standards of service in the field of beauty
  • To always be in tune with time to meet every dynamics and increasing needs of clients


  • To be dynamic so as to meet every customer’s increasing needs and changes
  • Offers comprehensive facial treatments, to cater to the best interest of our customers
  • Nurture our staffs to provide premium customer service to our customers
  • Novelty with the services we provide to our customer, in tune with time
  • Strive to make our prices affordable without compromising the standards