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Leg & Foot Moxibustion

A warm flow of Qi in meridians.

Qi, the concept on vitality, builds on the foundation of Moxibustion. The use of Ai oil, and burning of wormwood above the acupuncture points of your body stimulates the body “qi” to build your resistance and immunity. If you often feel sore or numbness in your legs, go for the Leg and Foot Opening Set, which acts on your tendons and muscles, so that you can go on your daily activities at ease!

Many of us think of Chinese medicine as being synonymous with acupuncture. But do you know that in ancient China, Moxibustion, a therapy which involves the burning of specific herbs at acupuncture points was used to treat patients.

In moxibustion, the leaves of the Chinese herb Mugwort (Artemesiae Vulgaris) are dried and then burned using one of several methods.

What is Moxibustion used for?

The moxa stick is primarily used to treat a deficiency of ‘yang’ energy in the body. It is yang energy that governs movement and warmth, and a deficiency of yang results in cold symptoms. The patient may feel cold, or may complain of cold hands and feet. For patients who are very weak and deficient, stick moxa is chosen as a primary treatment due to the fact that it actually adds “yang qi” to the body.

Chinese Medicine theory believes the body’s energy, or qi, circulates through energy channels called meridians. These meridians correspond to the inner organs, which are thought to govern their energy flow. Several meridians run the length of the legs, including the stomach, spleen, gallbladder, kidney and liver channels. Stimulating many of these points can improve overall health.

Leg and foot meridian conditioning plays an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of our spleen, kidney and liver. It is especially beneficial for alleviating leg pain. The role of adjuvant therapy helps improve blood circulation, proper functioning of the spleen, liver and kidney, and the human immunity system. It also promotes better regulating sleep and improves skin texture and complexion resulting in more delicate and luscious looking skin.

According to a report by the American Foot Medical Association, we walk an average of 8,000 steps daily, exerting a foot pressure almost equal to our own weight. With jogging or running, the foot pressure is nearly 3 to 4 times our weight. We will walk approximately 110,000 km of road with most of it done on hard ground.

It is vital to take good care of our legs and feet as they bear the entire weight of our body. There are 26 bones and 33 joints in every foot, held together by a variety of tendons and muscles. So, taking one step involves a complicated process.

In particular, the soles of our feet hold many blood vessels and pressure points. By applying the appropriate massage techniques on these pressure points, we can promote better health, functioning of our vital organs and keep illnesses and diseases at bay.

Moxibustion can effectively suppress hyperactive muscles, and are usually used for treating muscle cramps. In TCM< leg cramps is mainly due to coldness stimulation as well as improper blood and qi activities of the legs.

Knee osteoarthritis (KOA), known as severe degenerative arthritis, is common in middle-aged and elderly people. It causes pain and dysfunction that greatly reduce the patients’ quality of life. Moxibustion is widely utilized for the treatment of KOA in Asian countries.

Currently, moxibustion treatments can be categorized as traditional moxibustion, drug moxibustion, and modern moxibustion. The present meta-analysis focused on traditional moxibustion, including both its direct or indirect application.

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